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Connect A VHS Video To A Video Projector

This is a general tutorial to help you in the connection your video recorder to a video projector. 

If you were looking to use a computer to play DVD's to display you race night be careful, not all DVD's are the same and your DVD may not run on your computer!

The shape and functionality of each of the connector on your video projector is the same but the layout may well be different.

The Back Of A Video Projector
Back Of Video Projector

How to connect...
A S-Video Port You find this type of connection on the backs of newer VCR's. If you are using such a device, the connection port will be on the back and match the one found on your video projector.
B Video This port is a standard ( Yellow ) RCA jack and is used to connect your projector to the video out jack on the back of a VCR. It accepts the video signal from the VCR.
C Video in from the computer. If you are using a laptop usually on the back there is a connection that looks like this, or it may be on a docking station for the laptop.  Connect the matching cable for the projector. Once the projector has been powered up, video image should appear on the screen. If no image appears, push your "source button" on the top of the projector to select the proper video input, Also ensure that the computer is sending the signal to the projector, you may need to refer to the user manual to see how to make this work but it's usually something like Fn (Function)  F10 or F8

You can then switch between your video for the races to the computer to display the betting by using the source button on your video projector.



Back Of Video RCA Connectors

Back Of Video With RCA Connectors

If the back of your video looks like this you will need an RCA to RCA yellow, red and white lead.  The yellow connector goes to the projector and the red and white ones go to your audio system.



Back Of Video SCART Connector

Back Of Video With SCART Connector

If the back of your video looks like this you will need a lead that will go from SCART to Yellow, Red and White RCA.  The yellow connector goes to the projector and the red and white ones go to your audio system.

We recommend that you use an alternate method to provide the sound for your event.  The speakers on most video projectors are usually insufficient the provide enough volume for anything other than the smallest of events.

You can use a portable stereo ( with 'line in' connection usually red and white RCA connectors as shown above ) or a portable PA system.

Always remember to test your equipment before your event so that you are familiar with how to put it all together and the buttons that you need to press so that your event will run smoothly.

Good Luck with your event.

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